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Our Clients Say

Evi Gomez
I’ve been at EGS for about a year now and it genuinely changed my love for singing in the best way possible. They’ve helped me improve but made sure I sounded the way I wanted to sound. When I look back at videos from 1 year ago or even 3 months ago I see the change in my stage presence and in my vocals. I’ve known Elisa and Paige for about three years now and they changed me as a person as well. Elisa and Paige helped me whenever I was feeling down, I felt off about a performance, or when I just wasn’t confident in myself. They made me feel worthy of something and they encouraged me to work harder to achieve my goals. I also want to talk about how my singing coach Megan changed me. Every time that I see Megan I feel so comfortable and it’s as if I’m singing with a friend. She asks how my day is going and actually listens and comments. Then once we get to work, she is so open to me singing new songs and working on less common ones. Her impact on me has changed the way I see a lot of things in my everyday life but, she also changed the way I look at music. I can identify things that I’m doing wrong and parts of songs that I’m singing that might be difficult for me to do, so I’m able to modify them. Overall I’m so grateful for my time here at EGS and the memories I’ve made as well as the friends I’ve met!
Student, Evianys Gomez
Elisa Girlando Studios is a phenomenal studio that not only teaches and coaches young musicians but also supports and motivates them as them move through different musical opportunities. I’m incredibly grateful to have come across this studio and I truly feel they are the best around!
Best Vocal Lessons in North Jersey. Period.

I have a very dear place in my heart for Elisa and the gift that she has given me. I was Elisa's very first student over 15 years ago (still can't believe it) and now I am a recording artist in Los Angeles getting paid for my talents as a Female vocalist. Elisa prepped me 10 years ago for the 13 jazz vocal auditions and because of her, I was accepted to every single one. This would NOT have been a possible without her and I'm so honored to have been the start of her long and prosperous career in teaching lessons.

Elisa teaches the basics of music theory, ear training, and improvisation. I was a light piano player, but she also took a major role in coaching me to accompany myself and now, it's my whole act. I'm a singer-songwriter who plays the piano, haha. She is a master of stage presence and connecting with an audience, which really has proven to aid in making her students "the complete package".

I remember beginning lessons with her as a 13 yr old and having Elisa believe in me and making the task of singing in public "no big thing". She lifted me up and built my confidence, while unapologetically fine-tuning my voice and allowing me to find my individuality as an artist. She was very supportive of having me bring in songs that I loved while also teaching me the classics, which I now appreciate more than anything. She comes from an incredibly talented and musical family and music runs through her.

If not for music as a career, music is an incredibly useful tool for building children's confidence and even for therapeutic purposes. I can not recommend Elisa more. I completely owe my present accomplishments to her.

-Brittany Ellis
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