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Studio Sessions with Steve 

  • The producer will add instrumentation based on the artist’s style, genre, and what the artist’s vision of the song portrays. This includes every instrument from drums, bass, guitar, strings, piano, synthesizers, and any other instrument that seems fitting for the song.

  • The producer will coach the artist through the writing process to best translate their message through to the song, teaching the artist the specific tools to use when songwriting for a better understanding of how to create meaningful lyrics and chords for future projects that the artists work on.

  • The producer will coach the artist during the vocal recording phase, helping the artist with rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic aspects of the vocal. 

  • The artist will record with the producer at Elisa Girlando Studios using a $4,500 Soyuz U17 Tube Microphone, a professional industry-standard microphone, and a variety of professional grade analog equipment. 

  • The producer may make some slight changes to the lyrics and melody if needed to better fit the structure and mood of the rest of the production. These changes will only be made with the artist's agreement.

  • The producer will coach the artist through harmonies throughout the song. Proper harmony alone can bring an uninteresting song to life. The producer will make necessary changes lyrically, rhythmically, and melodically to the vocals in order to reach the song’s maximum potential. It is always the main priority for the producer to create a successful, powerful, and translatable song.

  • The artist’s wants and needs are always still the most important. If the artist does not resonate with the changes the producer makes, the producer will go back to the previous versions that the artist liked.

  • All songs created with the producer can be professionally mixed and mastered by the producer for an additional $100. 

  • Songs recorded with Steve that do not require any added production will only be charged for studio time and the final mix and master(a cover song, commercial voice-over, instrument audition for college). Voice-over sessions will be mixed during the studio time, so there will be no additional mixing charge of $100.

  • Artists that would like to learn further about music business can contact Steve for further information. This will cover information regarding types of royalties, copyrighting your music, and receiving royalty payments for your total music plays on all social platforms. Royalty splits will be discussed once the studio time is booked.

  • Artists will not be charged for any time the producer spends on the song outside of the studio. Steve takes pride in his production and works outside of studio hours to make the record reach its fullest potential.

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