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Chords for Change

We are beyond thrilled to share the success of our very own Evangeline Pabalan, who recently created @chordsforchange, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering young artists and musicians to make a positive impact in our community. 🌟🎶


Evie put together an incredible charity event last week, May 23, at Sparta Avenue Stage, featuring multiple talented artists performin

g to raise funds for the Sparta Community Food Pantry. We were honored to provide the sound for this amazing event and support Evie’s vision from the start.


Here’s what Evie had to say about us:


“Not sure where to start on this one because there’s so much to say…. After about a year of searching for someone to support my crazy idea of holding a charity event, @elisagirlando was the only one who said yes the moment I uttered my idea. Who does that?! SHE DOES! Not only has she coached and taught me so much, but she has mentored me and supported my dreams. She and her entire team can be found supporting their students even outside their studios. They will cheer you on and lift you up so that you are shining at your best. It’s no doubt why so many students from your studio are finding gigs, success, and so much growth! Thank you @elisa.girlando.studios - you are ALL amazing!”


She initially aimed to raise $1,000, but thanks to the incredible support, she raised over $1,600 that evening, and the contributions kept coming, bringing them to a total of $2,000!


We are so proud of you Evangeline & thank you for asking EGS to help!


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