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Student Awards

Our Sussex County Talent Show
Winners 2022

Elementary Division

1st Place- Brayden Schwartz 

3rd Place- Lily Geuther 

Junior Division

1st Place - Amelya Race

2nd Place- Chloe Geuther

3rd Place- Jenna Flake

Senior Division

3rd Place- Angelina Valeente

Our Sussex County Talent Show
Winners 2021

Elementary Division

1st place- Mia Soleil Sanchez 

3rd place- Ashlee Vissers 

Junior Division

1st Place - Natalie Torres

Senior Division

2nd place- Liv Canova

Our Sussex County Talent Show
Winners 2018


1st Place - Natalie Tores

2nd Place - Mia Sanchez


1st Place - Izabella Nowicki

3rd Place - Jenna Halkyard


1st Place - Sammy Perez

2nd  Place - Amelya Race

3rd Place - Owen Welsh


1st Place - Nina Strowe

Elementary Division:
Adult Division:
Junior Division Two:
Junior Division One:
Our Sussex County Idol 
Winners 2018
1st Place - Amelya Race
2nd Place - Sammy Perez
3rd Place - Mia Sanchez
Our Sussex County's Got Talent 
Winners 2017

1st - Ava  Mederos

2nd - Natalie Torres

3rd - Amelya Race

4th - Chris Hara


Students that have won the
"Sussex County's Got Talent!"


2014 - 1st Place - Kelly Wask

2015 - 1st Place - Cassidy Walsh

2016 - 1st Place - Ryden Mederos

2017 - 1st Place - Ava Mederos

2018 - 1st Place - Nina Strowe