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Elisa Girlando Studios

An Artist Development Company 

Duet & Group Classes

The Performers (Duet or Group Theater)

This is a group class that addresses the multiple disciplines of musical theater.  You will hone in on your individual skills in the group song, spoken dialogue, and dance.  Learn how to naturally interact with other actors on stage.  

Harmony (Duet or Group Class)

Harmony is an important and sometimes difficult skill for singers. Learn how to sing harmony with another singer or a group of singers.

Hip Hop (Duet or Group)

Learn from the best. Learn Hip Hop from a teacher who actually danced in Hip Hop Music Videos and made a career of dancing. 

Be The Band 

Elisa Girlando Studios will meet with your band once a week to guide you through the process of playing together and eventually start booking gigs.  

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