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Elisa Girlando Studios

An Artist Development Company 

Voice Lesson

Learn proper techniques and strengthen your vocal cords and learn basic music theory. Depending on skill level, the teacher will take a student’s interest and capability and prepare an individualized lesson plan to meet the needs of the student. This will help to ensure that the student is getting the most out of each lesson.
Piano Lessons
The piano is an instrument that serves as the foundation of music education. Learn how to read and play music, as well as proper hand placement and posture.
Guitar & Ukelele Lesson
Learn how to properly play the guitar and experiment with different styles of playing. Find the style that best suits you!
Musical Theater Performance

This course will help beginning and intermediate students develop singing techniques, prepare songs for a variety of audition circumstances, select appropriate material, and have a comprehensive understanding of casting and audition protocol. Students will refine their professional image and expand their musical repertoire. 

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