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Meet Paige!

Studio Manager & Musical Theatre

Paige, our esteemed Musical Theatre Teacher and Studio Manager, has harbored a passion for musical theatre since her early childhood. From grade school onwards, Paige has actively participated in various musical theatre and performance programs, showcasing her versatile talents on stage. 

Her impressive roles include portraying Mae Peterson in Bye Bye Birdie, embodying the iconic Miss Hannigan in Annie, and taking on the character of Logan Schwartzandgrubenierre in Putnam County Spelling Bee. Paige's extensive background in dance has further enriched her artistic abilities.

For the past decade, Paige has played a pivotal role in choreographing the Sparta High School Musical, contributing to its success and leaving a lasting impact. Additionally, for the past six years, she has co-directed and choreographed the Middle School Musical alongside Elisa.

In her capacity at Elisa Girlando Studios, Paige has not only curated her own Musical Theatre Program but has also provided invaluable guidance to numerous students, assisting them in honing their skills and preparing for auditions with confidence. Paige's dedication to the art of musical theatre and her commitment to nurturing talent make her an invaluable asset to our studio.

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