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Meet meg!

Piano & Voice

Meet Meg, a passionate musician whose life has been deeply influenced by the power of music from a very young age. Throughout her education, she actively participated in numerous music programs, immersing herself in choirs, orchestras, musicals, and talent shows, among other endeavors.

Having pursued her passion for music, Meg graduated as a former Music Performance Major from CCM (County College of Morris). With 15 years of dedicated practice, she has honed her skills in both piano playing and singing, becoming a seasoned and accomplished musician.

Meg's musical journey started as one of Elisa's very first students in 2006. Over the course of six years, she not only developed her talent but also showcased her abilities in competitions such as Mid Atlantic Idol, earning recognition for her exceptional performances.

Beyond her personal achievements, Meg finds immense joy in working with children and young adults, guiding them to discover and express their true voices and musical talents. Her nurturing and encouraging approach fosters a supportive learning environment, inspiring her students to embrace their love for music and grow as musicians.

Today, Meg is thrilled to be a part of E.G.S, where she can continue her mission of sharing the joy of music and inspiring others on their musical journeys. Her vast experience and dedication make her an invaluable teacher, mentor, and musical guide for all aspiring artists.

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