Elisa Girlando Studios

An Artist Development Company 

About The Studio

At Elisa Girlando Studios, we believe confidence is crucial to a student's success. It’s also important for a student to know the proper techniques to improve on their instrument. Whether it be voice, an instrument, or theatre, we know a student’s progress is a direct reflection of the studio and the teacher. We are a Music School that put our hearts into everything we do. We turn our students into professionals. We are best known for finding a way to showcase each student's individual talent. We know that every student learns differently and we are determined to make every student the best artist they can be!


Elisa Girlando Studios is known for:

Making An Artist:  

Because of Elisa’s background in the music industry, she understands the work that it takes.  If a student wants to pursue performance as a career, Elisa Girlando Studios will come up with a tailered plan to get there!


Getting on Stage:  

Being on stage is important. The only way to get better is to do it! At Elisa Girlando Studios, we are always looking for venues and events for our students to participate in.


Preparing for College:  

A lot of students want to continue their musical education in college.  Elisa Girlando Studios has helped many kids prepare for their college auditions and have written many letters of recommendation.


Making live performance Videos.

Videos are not only fun to make, but they also showcase all the hard work a student puts into a particular song. These videos can help students book gigs. Best of all, it showcases the students growth each video.


Making Real Music Videos:

Sometimes, a song just clicks! When that happens, we like to document that with a real music video.  The videos are fun to make and can help singers get to the next level on social media.